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Know all about the best low code app development Platform-tools

by Era Inventions

This is a difficult task because the platforms must cater to two distinct groups of users with vastly different skillsets and preferences. Low-code platforms must have a dead-simple UI that allows users to construct an app step by step in understandable terms, with plenty of guidance along the way. Simultaneously, the tools must make IT’s development process easier while also providing more tech-savvy users with a variety of customization options, as well as the opportunity to integrate third-party services, extra data sources, and add layers of security and compliance. That’s a lot for a single platform to handle while still maintaining a cohesive experience.

As a result, not every instrument can do both. Some platforms specialize in delivering a straightforward, guided experience that allows most people to rapidly grasp the process and begin creating task-oriented apps to meet specific business requirements. Measurement of project progress or the creation of simple form-based software for tracking employee shift scheduling are examples of these requirements.

Other platforms are more difficult to utilize for the common user who does not have much of a programming background. These platforms, on the other hand, excel at allowing developers to create complicated process models, map database objects to user processes, and adjust UI design without having to write their own code. Low code application development platform for enterprises, Isvs, and Banks that are more advanced are capable of accomplishing both. Mendix, OutSystems, and Salesforce App Cloud all have training classes and help resources that lead to a responsive, drag-and-drop UI where you can develop an app using a selection of themes.

At the same time, these enterprise-grade tools have a wide library of database objects and UI components that you can drag into a slick visual process modeler from the same dashboard. Salesforce is a fantastic illustration of the tightrope these platforms must walk because, although having possibly the most remarkable set of functionality, the resulting user interface is so busy and convoluted that it detracts from the platform’s value. Above all, low-code tools should be simple and straightforward.

How We Conducted Our Research

We tested each of the low-code development platforms to Low code Alternatives – Compare Wavemaker Vs Mendix vs OutSystems vs Powerapps  in this roundup from the standpoint of a typical business user as well as a seasoned app developer. We wanted to examine how the same tool handled different levels of programming experience and different sets of criteria based on the type of app we wanted to build.

We built the same simple scheduling app using each low-code tool to test from the standpoint of the average Joe business user. The purpose was to design an app that could create a new event (name, date/time, duration), invite participants to the event, save the event, and see a list of events in Calendar view or chronological list. Additional functionality, such as notifications or greater flexibility to personalise the user interface, received bonus points. However, the goal was to create and launch a basic software that performed one simple business activity, ideally in both desktop and mobile modes.

The wavemaker we generated utilizing each technology was a little more challenging when testing from a developer/IT standpoint. Our anonymous professional programmer put the tools to the test by creating Crowd Control, a collaborative contact management software. This program is designed to be a simple contact manager with a contact list, contact detail, and new contact pages. We also wanted the option to attach several photographs and notes to each contact, as well as the flexibility to integrate third-party services and add any extra features or automatic login to the app.

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