Designing Your Small Bathroom with Cloakroom Suite UK

The cloakroom suite UK is a combination of compact fittings and fixtures designed for smaller spaces. Although these are small in space, designing them is challenging due to the odd layout and limited space available.

Well, these are the ones which you need. But first, we need to understand what cloakroom suites are. Bathroom suites tend to be two-piece units, and they are designed to fit in those areas that have limited space. Usually including a toilet and sink combo, they are perfect for smaller spaces like under the stairs or a compact en-suite, allowing the space available to be fully utilized. The range lends itself perfectly if the project is to refresh an outdated cloak or bathroom with a practical and stylish finish.

What is Cloakroom Suite UK?

Cloakroom suite UK is a combination of a toilet and a washbasin. This package of toilet and basin is incorporated in a compact but often used bathroom. Small spaces under the stairs or small bathrooms with toilets and washbasins occasionally having showers could be understood as Cloakroom suites.

How To Design Cloakroom Suite UK?

Well, designing cloakroom sets seem like a simple task, but it isn’t. You carefully need to have a design that ambiently fits your space and gives a stunning look. There are various options that you can select.

While designing bathroom suites, you must consider that a confined but ideally located space. Moreover, choose a design that gives a contemporary yet smart look to the suite. It must complement the style of your room and still create ambience and free moving space.

Cloakroom Suite UK Designs

Every room that you are using may vary in style and the available space. You can choose amongst a variety of options, for instance.

  • Wall hung toilet and basin
  • Back to wall toilet
  • Corner fitted basin
  • Floor standing basin

And there are other options available, but you should choose the most suitable one for the space you have.

Walls and floor 

The finish of the walls and floor have to complement the color of the toilet and basin. This avoids the awkward look of the suite. Instead, it makes it look astonishing and luxurious.

Benefits of Having a Cloakroom Suite

Bathroom suites, especially cloakroom sets, are smaller in size but frequently used. Their utility is the one major factor that increases their importance. Having such a suite in your room has many beneficial aspects which might induce you to have a suite in your house.

Availability of Colour Palettes

Since there is a wide variety of colour palettes available, you can choose according to your liking. There are plenty of options available that can match your preference. Eclectic Colour Palettes available in the market can make your cloakroom suite look stunning.

Range in Designs

From corner fitted to classic styles, there is a vast range in designs. This extensive range is all that you need for a desirable cloakroom suite in your house.

Space Saving  

The biggest benefit of these suites is that they include that fittings and fixtures that can help you save space in the bathroom. For this purpose, our experts have combined the different slimline fixtures so you can get maximum benefits from its space-saving features. These slimline fittings and fixtures are perfect for small spaces like the cloakroom. These sets are not only suitable for small spaces but also a good choice for larger spaces. The large bathrooms can get benefit from their look as these compact units look modern. That is what everyone is looking for a contemporary design that is minimalist.

Budget and Prices

At start Cloakroom suite the UK may not feel you like the least expensive home increments one can purchase. However, these can help you save time and money overall. The first way is that you get the most important fixture in a single package. That means you don’t have to spend time finding the matching fixture separately.  In addition to that, getting multiple fixtures in a package is less expensive as compared to getting individual items. Interestingly, you don’t have to make a massive difference at the same time. Start by what your pocket can afford and improve the room as regularly as possible for the cloakroom.

With these benefits, you can also have plenty of other advantages and necessities fulfilled with having a combination set for a small bathroom in your house.

Final Words

The cloakroom suites are the best option for small space utilization. Small spaces used efficiently and according to your taste are very handy in having a beautifully designed restroom in your house.

Are You Planning for Bathroom Suites?

In this article, we discuss the different benefits of cloakroom suite UK. These can be a great option for your small bathroom. Due to the slimline design of the fixture, these will look incredibly good in even large spaces. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we offer you all the fittings and fixtures at an incredible discount. You can visit our website and place an order as per your bathroom makeover requirements.