The Growth Of Sustainability In The Hospitality Sector

In the current climate, it is so important for businesses to operate sustainability. Operating your businesses sustainability involves considering how the functions of your business impact the ecological, economic and social environment. You should build your business on values and strategies that ensure and foster its longevity while lessening the impact your operations can have, especially on the environment.

With governments worldwide making promises regarding net-zero carbon emissions, we need everyone to play their part, including the hospitality sector.

From the first taste of a delicious dish to the pop of a bottle cork, there is nothing quite like a fantastic dining experience. However, we all want these experiences without worrying about the impact they could have on the environment.

Now is the time for restaurateurs to think seriously about their sustainability when providing a dining experience or even a takeaway experience.

Luckily for Australians, food establishments across the country have already started making environmentally friendly changes. From here, we are only going to see a growth in sustainability within the hospitality sector.

We have seen a push towards a decrease in waste in hospitality venues. We began to see huge changes here when it was announced that plastic straws would be removed completely from the Melbourne CBD. This was the first step of many that will eventually lead to the complete removal of single-use plastic in Melbourne. In fact, the state of Victoria will have banned all single-use plastic straws, cutlery, plates, drink stirrers and polystyrene food and drink containers from caf├ęs and restaurants by 2023. This move by the government has kickstarted the growth of sustainability in the hospitality sector.

Secondly, there has been discussions around purchasing from Australian owned businesses, as they are more transparent about where their ingredients are coming from. The industry wants more transparency from their suppliers about where their ingredients are being sourced and if they are being sourced without harm. This often involves sourcing ingredients from Australian businesses. A trend that unintentionally grew with the changes in supply chains and logistics due to the pandemic.

Choosing to source your ingredients from Australian businesses supports the local economy, independent producers and small businesses, sustainability in every sense of the word.

We more clearly see a growing appetite for sustainable and ethical practices throughout our dining experiences and the venues we dine at. As members of the public continue to prioritise sustainability in their everyday activities, it means that hospitality venues cannot afford to overlook the benefits in terms of both corporate responsibility and commercial viability.

While this may seem overwhelming, sustainability at your venue can start small. All you need to do is begin to make small changes, such as getting rid of single-use plastics, to begin your journey to sustainability. Before too long, you will be reaching towards larger sustainability goals through your venue and encouraging it within the hospitality sector as a whole.