David Page US and Israeli Lawyer (Attorney) in Jerusalem

The David Page US and Israeli Lawyer (Attorney) in Jerusalem can provide you with a full range of international law services that will allow you to expedite your financial, business and investment interests simply and efficiently in Israel, in the United States or in both countries. 

Today, there are multiple ways for you to download forms and documents so that you can facilitate many legal activities on your own. Why should you turn to David Page Law? 


David Page Law is licensed to practice law in Israel and in the United States. As an international US and Israeli lawyer in Jerusalem, he is uniquely suited to take care of your legal needs in either country as well as when the needs intersect between the two countries. When conducting cross-border transactions, you often need contracts that are legally binding in both America and in Israel in order to conduct real estate transactions and court filings that meet legal specifications in both jurisdictions. 

Business owners and investors must make sure that their activities conform to the codes of the countries in which they live/conduct business. When you turn to David Page Law you’ll get the advice that you need so that you understand the various legal issues that could impact your operations. Rather than picking up the pieces after an improperly-filed document or a missed-title search, you’ll be positioned in a way that ensures that you continue to move forward with your business, investment or estate planning needs.


David Page Law specializes in multiple types of business and financial law including real estate law, corporate law, wills, trusts and estate planning and more. 

In addition to these needs, the David Page Law office will assist you with:

  • Conflict resolution – if your business is in conflict with another business David Page Law will help you negotiate by finding options that are beneficial to both parties. 
  • Codes – David Page Law will help you keep up-to-date with the laws and regulations relating to your investments, business or legal concerns in both the United States and in Israel
  • Legal System – Navigating the legal system is complicated but having a lawyer to back you up will help you ensure that your rights are protected
  • Specialists –individuals or businesses that are in need of a specialist can turn to David Page Law  for referrals to the right resources including experts in tax matters regarding tax codes in both the United States and Israel.
  • Agreements – any agreement or contract between any business or individual and another requires an attorney who is conversant with that particular legal issue. A law office that works with the general population may not be knowledgeable enough about intricate issues of business or finance law to properly protect a person’s business, intellectual property or financial interests. 
  • Payments – collecting debts can be a business’s biggest frustration. Some businesses even give up on collect the full amount of the debt because it costs them more to take the matter to court than it’s worth. David Page Law can send requests on your behalf in a way that ensures that you are fully compensated for the products and services that you provide. 

Regardless of whether your legal needs are small or extensive you can rely on David Page Law in Jerusalem for all of your legal needs.