Top 4 Applications of Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

You must know that you have various choices if you look to automate low-value tasks within your order fulfillment operation, warehouse, or distribution center to deploy your labor resources better. One worth considering option is automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). It is an automated material handling technology that handles cumbersome and large loads such as racks, drums, gaylords, partial pallets, full pallets, or cases.

As a rule of thumb, a typical unit-load AS/RS system can handle a load that ranges from 1000 pounds to around 5000 pounds. Not only this, heavier and lighter capacities are also available in the market. Moreover, amid the pandemic outbreak, experts suggest that the global market of AS/RS systems is growing with a CAGR of 6.4% over the analyzing period and will reach US$10.5 Billion by 2027.

Generally speaking, there are three primary types of automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), which are as follow:

  • Shuttle-based unit-load AR/RS systems
  • Robotic based unit-load AS/RS systems 
  • Crane-based unit-load AS/RS systems

Let’s have a look at the top 4 applications of unit-load automated storage and retrieval systems.

Buffering and Staging

Warehouse managers can leverage the ASRS system for buffering and staging. For example, you probably buffer or stage outbound orders to load an outbound truck efficiently by placing the order in sequence to load the truck in reverse delivery sequence effectively.

Freezer and Cold Storage

Unit load AS/RS proves to be helpful in every environmental circumstance. It works even in frozen, cold, or ambient environments. Such systems work perfectly in such extreme environmental conditions as those ecological conditions can take a toll on human personnel—furthermore, such robust systems result in productivity boost and fewer workplace injuries. 

Goods-to-Person (GTP)

Business owners or warehouse managers can leverage the unit-load AS/RS system as a form of goods-to-person(GTP) technology. All they need is to be delivered to a case-pick station, where a warehouse worker can complete their pick. Furthermore, warehouse managers might completely automate the entire picking process by conveying the pallet to a layer-picking robot or any other material handling technology instead of a warehouse worker.

Special Loads

This technology is not limited to handling pallets. Warehouse workers can also take special loads with the help of this technology, such as rolls, gaylords, drums, water, or automobile chassis.


Obviously, applications of AS/RS are not only limited to what is mentioned above.  This compelling and robust technology has a tremendous range of applications. At the heart of it all, warehouse managers can leverage unit load automated storage and retrieval system systems in various ways to streamline several warehouse operations, as discussed above. Better yet, this compelling material handling technology plays well with a host of other technologies, permitting warehouse managers to craft a wide range of partially automated or fully automated solutions.

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