Why do you need a mobile notary public?

Several individuals as well as businesses in Colorado opt for mobile notary services Colorado for notarizing important legal documents, such as wills, jurats, oaths & affirmations, real estate papers, mechanic’s liens, divorce decrees, custody agreements, quitclaim deeds, Powers of Attorney, Bills of Sale,  and much more. 

A traveling notary, also known as a mobile notary agent, is a notary public who comes to your home or office to notarize a wide range of legally-binding documents. What’s more, they meet you in person at a time and location that is convenient for you to perform notarial acts.

Convenience & Flexibility 

The primary reason why people nowadays prefer a mobile notary over a traditional notary public is the convenience and flexibility offered by the former. Moreover, hiring a mobile notary can be a time saver. When you seek the services of a mobile notary, they travel to your preferred venue. As a result, you can avoid the inconvenience of driving to the office of a traditional mobile notary and waiting in long queues to get your work done.

Moreover, for a small office, assembling all the signing parties in one room can be a huge hassle. Thus, by hiring a mobile notary, a location of suitable size  can be found for everyone. Moreover, if multiple parties are required to sign a document, a mobile notary makes all arrangements to gather all the signers in one location at the same time, making the notarizing process easier for all parties.

Bid Adieu to Location Problems 

A mobile notary in Colorado also helps you get rid of location problems. If the signing parties are far apart, a mutually agreed-upon location can be found with the help of a mobile notary, reducing the amount of travel for one or all of the parties involved.

Furthermore, if the signing parties are not present during regular business hours, a mobile notary will take the same legal papers and tour multiple locations to get the documents signed.

24/7 Availability 

Also, round-the-clock availability of mobile notary agents is another reason why they are highly preferred in Colorado. Professional mobile notaries are available to provide mobile notary services on weekends, holidays, and even in the middle of the night. They also provide same-day rush services, allowing you to have your time-sensitive legal documents notarized quickly during an emergency. 

What’s more, a traveling notary in Colorado bring the legal documents to  your residence, hospital, office, business premises, nursing facilities, studios, shops, airports, banks, courtrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, parking lots, detention facilities, and even jails to get your legal papers notarized. Because of this advantage, many elderly and physically disabled people who are unable to travel to a notary public’s office due to their bad health or physical limitations are turning to mobile notary services Colorado.

No Room for Fraudulent Activities 

A mobile notary not only helps prevent fraud, but  also ensures that each signatory has provided proof of identification as well as all necessary details. What’s more, a mobile notary can also prevent individuals from signing legal documents due to threats or coercion.

Regardless of your requirements, a mobile notary can make your life easier by coming to you to handle your notarial needs.