The Benefits of Buying a Home from a Real Estate Site

Purchasing a home can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially if you’re doing it without the help of a real estate agent. Luckily, sites like Trulia allow people to buy and sell homes with just one click, allowing you to save time and money by avoiding the traditional way of finding and selling your home through an agent. The next time you’re looking to buy or sell your home, make sure to look at real estate sites like Trulia before deciding which option to pursue.

What are they selling?

A home, as well as a real estate agent or company. Most people who decide to purchase property do so because they want to live in it. At its heart, that’s what real estate is: A site for finding homes and helping people connect with agents who can help them buy them. However, on a more broad level, you could also argue that real estate is an industry driven by an obsession with homeownership itself—one that includes companies like Redfin that only work with buyers and sellers. What you’re selling depends on your unique situation (and target audience), but it might be something less obvious than just your product or service.

What do they do with my information?

Before you share any information, it’s important to know what they do with it. There are certain things that all brokers are legally required to disclose. For example, each state has its own laws about how brokerages handle your information, and there are federal guidelines as well. The most common rules about how brokerages use your data focus on anti-discrimination practices and fair lending practices. (Lending is one of their main functions after all.) Always check in with your brokerage for more specifics on what they do with your personal data.

What do they charge?

It’s important to understand that real estate agencies charge both buyers and sellers for their services. They charge you when you sell your home, but they also get paid when you buy a home through them. Their commission is typically 6% or 7% on the sale price. This means that if your house sells for $300,000, they will receive $18,000 to $21,000 in commissions. The commission may be negotiable depending on market conditions at time of sale and it may be possible to have only part of it due to you based on an agreed upon purchase price as well as other factors such as buyer/seller credits etc.

How long does it take to sell your home?

Some sites offer in-depth information about home buying and being able to connect with homeowners for questions or advice. Sites also may have resources for people who aren’t looking to buy at all, but just want information about home buying or real estate investment strategies. That way, they can save up money while researching their next step. Another benefit is that sites allow you to narrow your search by price range and location, so you don’t waste time looking at homes that are outside your budget or too far away. Plus, many sites offer free tools and resources related to home repair, improvement projects and loan calculators – which can be extremely helpful if you’re new to real estate investment.