Meet Kwfinder, tools that bring SEO to a new level of fun


When it happens to Search Engine Optimization, the first tool that usually comes to everyone’s mind is AdWords’ Keyword Planner. Today, we will discuss Kwfinder, the SEO tool developed by Mangools that will let your creative juices flow all day long.


Kwfinder is keyword research and inquiry tool that help you find long-tail keywords with low competition and low SEO difficulty. It has a highly visual and user-friendly interface that I am obsessed with and an interactive dashboard to manage all the information under Kwfinder reviews.

The SEO tool offers the following characteristics:

SEO Difficulty:

With this characteristic, you can get real-time keyword difficulty by checking the page authority, the domain authority, the external links having users to your website. 

Hidden Keywords:

This feature lets you find hundreds of exciting and possibly good keywords that your competitors are forgetting, providing an opportunity score for each one of them under Kwfinder pricing.

Search volume and keyword metrics:

This characteristic helps you get the exact search volume for any keyword, or close alternatives examine trends from the last 12 months.

Local SEO:

Another exciting and beneficial feature that many SEO tools lack is that Kwfinder provides the possibility of obtaining localized keyword results to improve your niche performance. 

When you commence searching for keywords, the tool gives you the following three options:

Suggestions – They base on a keyword database and a know-how algorithm.

Autocomplete is an option that lets you generate additional related keywords using the main seed keyword.

Questions – This option enriches the main keyword via possible question words that users might be using when typing in the search engine.

One significant thing to consider is that for these prices, you not only get the Kwfinder tool, but you get the whole pack of Mangools’ tools, which includes:

SERP Checker

It is a tool for analyzing competition and obtaining Google SERP Analysis. It lets you evaluate organic search results, perform desktop and mobile segmentation, and receive more than 45 SEO metrics.

SERP Watcher

A rank tracking tool lets you monitor your keyword positions’ progress and their estimated visits. It includes DEMO tracking, dominance index, keyword position flow, and ranking distribution charts under Kwfinder reviews.

Link Miner

A backlink checker tool that lets your monitor Link Strength, mine competitors’ backlinks, previews websites, and filter specific types of backlinks. This one is still under development, but it should be available on the platform soon.

Kwfinder comes equipped with many incredible features. Here are some of the most beneficial parts of Kwfinder:

  • Find hundreds of long-tail keywords in any construction
  • The proficiency to search keywords by department so you can easily find your challenger’s keywords
  • You can find the monthly aggregate of any keyword, as well as the trend
  • It offers you a Keyword difficulty store that helps you quickly disclose low, determining keywords
  • Find the CPC charge of any keyword
  • Determine the level of competition for any keyword in PPC
  • You can see the SERP overview of any keyword and find all the top-ranking pages for that particular keyword
  • You can easily organize keywords with keywords lists
  • The ability to import keywords in bulk
  • You can also discover keyword search history for popular trends

An SEO keyword tool like Kwfinder helps you find long-tail keywords with a lower competition level. The experts use this SEO tool to find the best keywords and run analysis reports on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Their Rate Tracker tool helps you quickly determine your ranking while tracking your improvement based on one critical metric under Kwfinder reviews. Plus, if that’s not enough, you will get many new keyword ideas to help you rank your website even higher.

 If you are making content for the web, researching relevant long-tail keywords is part of your day-to-day, and this tool can execute the process much more well organized and save you a lot of time. So, let’s observe its essential features to understand their importance in the SEO world.

Keyword difficulty score:

Kwfinder displays a small graphs chart to measure the keyword difficulty to say monthly search movements. As a result, this graph presents the monthly search movements, the average cost per click of registered keywords, and the measure of competition in PPC advertising. In conclusion, Kwfinder measures the keyword difficulty based on real-time Google SERP results.

Easily ranked keyword:

This keyword research tool gives accurate search volumes and the most definite keyword complexity through a score out of 100. Accordingly, one can take a low SEO difficulty and high search volume keyword to rank quickly under Kwfinder pricing.

Keyword Analyzer:

Kwfinder gives a deep search for a particular keyword. That will help to create notes established on keyword historical presentation. So that one could select long-term and trendy keywords that will increase the website’s organic traffic.

Location-specific keyword:

Identify here location-specific long-tail keywords also with more than 50k locations to select. Kwfinder will give a local search result for every targeted keyword. Hence, you can aim for a keyword according to the area.

Google SERP result:

Kwfinder exposes the top Google page results for each keyword. Every keyword will show its domain authority, page authority, social shares, backlinks, and more details. For more deep research, one can use a result filter where more filters options will be available for more relevant results.

Easy to use and interface:

Kwfinder gives a fast result with greatly enhancing user experience. It is straightforward to operate with the Kwfinder SEO keyword tool. It provides estimated click prices, searches volumes, traffic levels, and keyword difficulty to decide the keyword importance. A general and less informed can also control it easily. Apart from it, finding the data and studying are user-friendly associates.