How Important Is Online Booking Now That We Are Experiencing More Outbreaks?

As a result of the pandemic, businesses across Australia have felt significant economic impacts. However, the hospitality and restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit.

For a significant period of 2020, restaurants were shut down entirely and continued running on delivery and takeaway orders.

However, now that dining in at restaurants is allowed, things are getting back to normal. It is finally time for these businesses to start making money again. The problem here is that the pandemic is still not over yet, and we are still experiencing outbreaks here and there. This is where the importance of technology within restaurants comes into play.

Online menus and food ordering systems are something that most restaurants have now implemented and used adequately by patrons. However, still, there is a lack of use when it comes to table reservation systems. Restaurants are in desperate need of adapting to an online table booking system to keep their customers and staff safe and make a profit. 

Let’s see why online booking has become crucial in these still uncertain times:

Manage Crowds

Without an online booking system, your restaurant could accumulate a crowd of patrons out the front or in a waiting area while you are attempting to seat them all. This is a high-risk environment for transmission, so it needs to be avoided.

With an online booking system, you will know how many people to expect, and therefore you can control the flow of diners and manage them according to your capacity.

Easy Contact Tracing

When customers book their tables online, they enter all of their personal information, including name, number, email, date and time of booking, and the number of guests. With all of this data, contact tracing becomes so much easier – it will allow easy identification and isolation if any transmission occurs. This is an excellent backup if someone doesn’t check in via the QR code.  

Estimate Demand

Since the restaurants are still recovering from the losses, they made last year, having a good idea of how many guests they will have throughout the day ensure they order the right amount of food. This way, they won’t lose over-purchasing food, which can cost a lot in the long run. Using an online reservation system will help you estimate the number of diners and prepare food accordingly, which will lead to reduced wastage and loss.

Great Customer Experience

Customers also benefit from making a reservation online. When they book a table, they know their spot is guaranteed, and they won’t have to risk not getting a table when they arrive. Making happy customers and happy customers are the biggest asset to your business.

Milky Lane is one of the burger restaurants in Australia, who have made use of their technology. They have an online menu and an online booking system to offer the best experience to their diners.

The food and the ambiance of Milky Lane have always been the talk of the town, but now we have another reason to visit Milky Lane, which is safety. All government guidelines are strictly followed at Milky Lane.

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